unleash your genius

unleash your genius

business & marketing coaching


Helping founders market from their WHY, so they stand out naturally

Your success is a testament to your drive and resilience

You made it to the status quo of accomplishment and realized something was missing

Having done the self-introspection work, you're ready to make a difference 

But, upleveling in midlife has you feeling stuck and overwhelmed 

You could probably figure out on your own, but you value the consistent, inspiring energy of someone who's 'been there/done that' and can help you collapse the time to making your impact!

From ambition to purpose

Your Brilliance

If you're anything like me, you envision leading a life that you don't need a vacation from! One that turns you on and lights you up every single day! What that means for me is that I get to work with passionate, purpose-driven, growth-minded entrepreneurs who are brave enough to re-imagine success and uplevel. They may not have all the answers on how to manifest their vision but they're committed to taking courageous action towards it. I understand the challenges that come with pivoting in midlife. What initially seems like an exciting opportunity can quickly shift into overwhelm when faced with figuring out your WHY, copywriting, niching down, and ofcourse tech. When I decided to pivot, I faced struggles that now fuel me to help others.


From big brand fashion PR to expert brand building

Creating strategic buzz is not science: you need to identify potential, embody the brand vision, and create a marketing roadmap to get there. How? Working in the gap - my favorite place! After 25 years running a fashion & lifestyle PR agency, my desire to pivot came when I felt disconnected from what I was doing. I wanted to make more of a difference on a personal level with entrepreneurs and founders. A pivotal moment came when I attended a New York City event, where the coach inspired me to tears realizing that my career wasn't over, it was pivoting into something scary: my purpose! How was I going to 'be the clearing for people's greatness' and become wealthy?

clearing the way for your greatnesS

30 years of creating buzz!

Brand & market from your vision 

Have a clear message and unique approach that  positions you uniquely

Take inspired action to create momentum and strategic buzz 

What you need is to:

“The first time we had a one-on-one, she totally got who I was and knew exactly how to help me clarify my branding needs.”

- valerie desroches/leadership coach

A 6-month coaching experience that supports you in growing your vision brand

From A Whisper to a buzz


You got me at deep listening!

Through active listening, thought-provoking questions, and strategic brainstorming, we clarify your vision.  One we know where we're going, we can build the foundation for a powerful brand, and message that aligns with who you are and positions you as a leading voice in your market. 

program breakdown:

PURPOSE & Vision CraftinG

Pillar one

I want this!


The cornerstone of marketing is your unique client centric brand story. Your marketing should attract and repel clients, and we do that with a clearly defined brand story. Not only will your marketing do the heavy lifting but when you fuse it with PR, your message becomes buzz-worthy. Your brand story unleashes your unique value and sets you apart in your industry.

Pillar two

this is so me!


As a visionary, the best use of your energy is growing your business, so we guide you in how to set up your marketing to be effective and streamlined. We focus on helping you design systems to attract, nurture, and convert clients online and off. We help you optimize your website, design a nurturing client pathway, and ignite momentum from current clients. The goal is to leverage your time, while delighting your clients.

pillar three

I want to know more!

create your impact

Emerge as the authoritative thought leader in your niche by generously sharing insights, knowledge, and problem-solving expertise across select communication channels. We'll brainstorm topics, decide what broadcast channels are best, and guide you on how to use strategic PR to create buzz. You'll get a media pitch sheet to share with podcasters and more PR insights and strategy that position you as the industry leader you're destined to be.

pillar four






You'LL BE empowered with:

How does this sound?

A magnetic brand message that focuses and  filters to create powerful, streamlined marketing

Marketing & PR strategies to support you in getting fully booked

Business scalability and a market-relevant product suite

Leadership positioning 

Clarity & confidence to lead from your zone of genius


We uncover your vision, your unique expertise, and identify what's missing to position you as a leader

we meet & talk

I create a roadmap and strategic marketing plan to bring your vision to life with a budget

we strategize

We get to work creating tools & strategies to launch and grow your business 

we launch

How it works

"I believe that working with you was one of the best decisions I made in 2023!" 

next review

"I went from having a vision a to launching my consultancy and signing three clients!

After a one-hour phone call with Giselle, I realized I was not working in my 'zone of genius'. I had a vision but no roadmap to get there, so we built one and now I'm excited to step into that vision daily!

be bold!


"Giselle not only helped us with our branding.

She coached us regularly and helped us traverse this sometimes uncertain entrepreneurial landscape.  She is sincere and empathetic and as clients you feel secure knowing you've got her in your corner to bounce ideas off of and to keep you in check when need be. Can't say enough about her! 

Drake & Kahn interior design

"As new service in the marketplace, it's not easy to position so people understand what you do.

Giselle helped us get clear on our WHY and create a website that better communicated what we are passionately building as a business.

Centre Hygeniste Dentaire LaSalle


Running a PR agency for 25 years gave me the insight  to recognize brand potential and build programs to propel them to the top of their industry.  My favorite part was helping brands bridge the gap between where they were and where they saw themselves. My genius was identifying the authentic brand value, seeing what was missing and creating a path for their success. I aimed to bring out the best in them and showcase it to the world. Every project was a chance to tell their story in a way that not only boosted their image but also moved them closer to their vision.

What got you here can't get you there! 

You have a vision!


7 questions to answer before you reposition!

Answering these 7 questions before you start your new venture will help you save time and give you clarity around what you really want to create.


Know your WHY and know how to market it

Have a clear client-centric brand story that converts 

Be positioned as a market leader with unique, in-demand offers

Have an on brand optimized website and social footprint 

Have a strategy that amplifies your brand message & delivers value

Have a PR strategy that builds your awareness in the market

By the end of
EXPERT BRAND accelerator, you will...


This program is the only one of its kind...

It's hybrid consulting & coaching

I believe coaching is fantastic but sometimes we need expert input and opinion. I give you that. When you work with me, I download tons of ideas to inspire you to step into your vision! Just imagine working with someone who reminds you of your WHY and keeps you moving forward from your zone of genius. Together we make your vision a vivid and achievable reality.

tough love

Rather than telling you what to do, we curate the right-fit solutions for your brand vision. We explore options, choose strategies and take actions to launch, grow and position you as a leader. This method guarantees the emergence of your best most authentic self. It's a journey of self-discovery and growth, challenging your limits through unwavering commitment to making your business dream a reality.




RISE FROM A WHISPER TO A BUZZ includes everything you need to position as a leader

Expressing the greatest version of yourself

Creating a business without limits

Enjoying the freedom that comes from working in your zone of genius

Taking control of your income

Making your impact in the world

Feeling aligned with what you're wanting to create for your life

If you want 2024 to be the year that you *finally* commit to:

Let's work together

This      for you if:

If you've decided to uplevel ​

You have no clue about business

You want to position yourself as a leader

You hate online marketing 

YOU want to create a business you love 

It's probably        for you if...

YOU don't have a vision



Let's get positioned to thrive

you're here for a reason!

Ready to do this? I know you are!

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