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I believe some of us are meant to lead - not by being better - but by being brave enough forge the path for others to follow. So, we can all rise.

It's no coincidence that you're here at this moment

After a lifetime of caring for others - it's time to focus on YOU!

Whatever brought you to this moment, it's time for you to step into your greatness and share it

You know change is here - an overhaul of your brand, business - maybe both 

No worries! Who you really are may be buried under life's responsibilities - but she's ready to lead!

Now is your time to brand your genius and live your best life...

from ambition to meaning

remember who you really are!

For more than 35 years, I've been shaping and repositioning iconic lifestyle brands as owner of GA & Associates, a PR/Marketing agency. My life and career were always fueled by an unwavering passion to build brand awareness for driven, passionate creative entrepreneurs and visionaries.

Midlife prompted a profound shift to reconnect with my purpose and express it through my work. I was being 'called' to remember why I am here (self-growth work I had done already in my 30s). So, I bought a journal and invited myself to explore. My search led me online where I quickly upgraded my skills with all the latest tech and digital marketing tools before heading into the deeper transformational stuff: the coaching space. That's when my vision and life purpose 'clearing the way for people's greatness' came alive in 4D! I quickly realized my new client is the emerging spiritual entrepreneur; a purpose-driven solopreneur, coach, consultant, entrepreneur who is transforming lives and needed big brand marketing skills to grow their businesses. My skill set and spiritual approach to brand strategy, marketing, and PR is exactly what she needs 'to clear the way' for her greatness to expand. Although the journey from behind the scenes to getting more visible and self-promotion has not been easy....actually more like a winding road of curves, hills and potholes, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else - except right here, clearing the way for your greatness✨

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building brand leadership 

CRAFTING Stories is my SPECIalTY

I've got you!

For 25 years, I ran my own PR/marketing agency with offices in Montreal & Toronto working with renowned companies who came to us to help them craft unique brand stories and position as industry leaders. 

“The first time we had a one-on-one, Giselle totally 'got me' and knew exactly how to help me clarify my brand message.”

-valérie desroches

Build A Magnetic Brand & Attract Premium Clients

Go from a whisper to a buzz

It's time for you to shine

It comes down to:

Unlocking your genius
Clarifying your brand message
Leveraging your expertise & time
Creating strategic buzz

You had me at active listening!

Through active listening, thought-provoking questions, and strategic brainstorming, we unlock your genius, embody your best-self vision, articulate your 'why', and clarify your brand vision - creating the foundation for a purpose-driven brand.  A well-defined vision isn't just a statement, it's the driving force that propels your business forward and inspires others to join your movement.

program overview:

Unlock your genius

Pillar one

I need this!

Clarify Your

Crafting a clear and compelling, client-centric brand story is the groundwork to marketing your business. It makes your business relevant defines a filter for your all of your brand communications. It helps you niche and attract best-fit clients and repel those who aren't.  

pillar Two

I want this!

Leverage your expertise

The key to positioning you as a leader is to differentiate you so you become the ONLY CHOICE for your ideal clients. I help you define and refine your products/services and streamline your marketing to leverage time and energy. Our goal is to package your expertise so that it's effortless for you to grow a location-free business sustainably, while you enjoy your dream life.

Pillar three

Yes pls!

Create strategic buzz

Leading with purpose attracts your ideal clients.  Sharing your message in the right way and in the right places is crucial to the success of your business. From your brand story, we build a communications strategy that gives you the confidence and focus you need to attract and serve your ideal, high-quality clients.

pillar four

Email me to apply. I'll send you a guide to prep for a Brand Expansion Call

you apply

We get on a 45-minute call to explore your goals and see we're a good fit to work together

we brainstorm

Step into your greatness and create a business you love and impacts the world!

we celebrate

How it works

"I went from having a vision to launching my consultancy and signing two clients!

"Before connecting with Giselle, I was missing clarity in my business, far from my 'zone of genius'. After just one phone call, I trusted her expertise to help me uplevel my brand. Her Genius Brand Accelerator program was the exact roadmap I needed to bring my vision to life. Through 1:1 calls, monthly implementing, we crafted my vision into reality. She even helped me with my personal brand photoshoot and website! Today, 6 months later, I'm thrilled to unveil my Purpose To Profits Sales Mastery Program empowering entrepreneurs like never before!"

Business growth strategist

"I believe that working with you was one of the best decisions I made in 2023! 

Working with Giselle through her Genius Brand Accelerator program transformed my vision of both my businesses. With their guidance, I revamped my brand messaging and supercharged my personal brand to be market-relevant. I knew I had to emphasize the NLP coaching I do as part of the unique beauty experience I offer midlife women, but the way we did it inspired me even more. When I started, I was stuck in fear. Thanks to Giselle's coaching, I'm now more driven to grow my business to new heights!

Marie-Josée trempe,CONFIDENCE COACH

"It wasn't about changing my colors, but rather allowing my true self to emerge."

Embarking on the "Brand Your Genius" program was a revelation. While I was confident in my branding colors, I struggled to communicate the essence of my real estate brand effectively. Giselle, with her intuitive ability to uncover one's hidden strengths—those vital yet unseen aspects of ourselves—guided me through a transformative journey. Through many, joyful conversations, she helped me realize the importance of introspection and honest self-reflection in shaping my message to the world. It wasn't about changing my colors, but rather allowing my true self to emerge. As I embraced this new beginning, not only did I discover a refreshing palette for my brand, but I also uncovered diverse income avenues and a way to thrive authentically without feeling overwhelmed. Thanks to Giselle, I now stand radiant, genuine, and full of love, ready to make my mark in the real estate world.

Désirée ReaLty/Désiré


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Connect with your 'why' and know how to market it

Have a clear client-centric brand story that converts 

Be positioned as a leader with a unique, in-demand and scalable offer

Have a converting,  optimized website and social footprint 

Be a masterful marketer of your business with magnetic content

Have a strategy that builds awareness + buzz for your brand

By the end of
the program, you will...


"I believe that working with you was one of the best decisions I made in 2023!" 

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Switch from 'clients who pay the bills' to clients you adore

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